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Customer Relationship Management

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of the CRM

The main advantage that  brings harnessed the implementation of the Administration of the Relationships with the Clients in a enterprise is the increment of the information that this have of its current and potential clients, what allows to address the offer toward its desires and necessities, increasing this way the grade of satisfaction and optimizing its cycle of life.

Other advantages that  brings harnessed the implementation of the CRM is the increases of the sales and the reduction of the sale cycle. The disadvantages are so much related with the high costs that  has the application of CRM, in terms of economic Resources as likewise human, and with the difficulty that  has the handling of the given information the reticence of some sectors to share it and also to the risk of to invade the client's privacy and to expose it to situations not wanted

The micro and small companys have the advantage of having less clients and less personal what facilitates him the handling of the information and  makes difficult the appearance of problems to share it.

The fact of managing a low flow of information also reduces since the costs many times it is not necessary to acquire a special software to make it but rather you can take manually or in simple programs as the Access.

A problem that you can sometimes present in the companys of smaller size is the lack of formalization of the procedures and the lack of the employees' interest for submit in the importance that they have these and in the philosophy of work of the company.

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